FY 2024 C2 RFP - Technology

Vendor Questions and Corresponding Answers Will Be Listed Below:

Question: We noticed the license and warranty quantity for switches was listed as 4 +/- but the switch quantity was listed as 5 +/-.  Should we quote 5 for the license and warranty?
Answer: Since we listed +/- next the the quantities, we are recommending vendors quote it as stated on RFP and we can adjust to the correct quantity to match the switch count.  We will not penalize a vendor for quoting four or five for the switch warranty and license.

Question: The RFP states that "WBCCSC will provide access to a lift for access points installation in the cafeteria, gymnasiums, etc." I want to confirm whether this means a lift will be accessible onsite for our use, or if we are expected to bring our own lift for the installation.
Answer: Western Boone has a lift onsite available for use.  Vendors may use our lift or may opt to bring their own if they so choose.

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