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Western Boone County Community Schools recognize the importance of early childhood education in building a strong foundation for future academic success. Granville Wells and Thorntown Elementary Schools provide academic-based preschool programs for children who are four years of age by August 1st of the upcoming school year. 

Students build and strengthen academic foundations through a blend of hands-on, play-based experiences and teacher-directed classroom instruction and activities. Preschool instructors use Pearson Education’s OWL curriculum as well as the Foundations to Indiana Academic Standards to design developmentally-appropriate classroom activities that make early learning fun. Instructors also collaborate with kindergarten teachers to determine essential early literacy and mathematics skills to ensure that students are ready for success when they enter kindergarten.

The community-based preschool programs follow the same school calendar as our K-12 program. Students attend a full school day, Monday through Friday. Children enrolled may ride the school bus to and from school.    

Enrollment is open to students who turn four by August 1st of the enrollment year. Students who are five years of age by August 1st of the enrollment year may enroll in kindergarten. A birth certificate is required at the time of registration. We will accept resident and non-resident students. 

Tuition for the community-based preschool programs require a non-refundable deposit of $230 due in June of the enrollment year and will be applied as the final month's tuition. Monthly tuition fees for August through April must be paid by the first day of each month, beginning in August. The monthly tuition for 2020-2021 is $230. A one-time supply fee also applies and covers the cost of all classroom-related supplies and materials for the year. Please contact either school's office any time during school hours for further registration information.

TES: 765-485-2447

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      Rob Ramey, Supt.
      Phone: 765-482-6333

      Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

      Jr.-Sr. High School

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      Granville Wells Elementary
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      Thorntown Elementary
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      Abbie Hayden, Principal
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      Fax: 765-436-2630

      Mission Statement

      We are a partnership of school and community that serves diverse educational needs by providing a safe learning environment that is innovative, competitive, a builder of self-worth, inspiring and fun.
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